About Us

UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd is a company that offers a wide range of parachute and skydiving courses catering for everyone from the first time jumper to experienced skydiver wanting to pursue their hobby further. The company prides itself for managing the booking process from beginning to end ensuring that the individual or group feels confident that they have all the information they need for their experience. Skydiving undoubtedly generates a lot of questions and you can be confident that the BS Instructors at UK Skydiving Adventures will be able to manage your queries to make your booking process as smooth as possible.

The company was founded by Claire Scott, affectionately known as “Sparky” in the skydiving community. Sparky started her skydiving career 28 years ago whilst studying at Portsmouth University, when she attended a RAPS Static Line course at Netheravon, Wiltshire.

Sparky was never considered a natural, taking 17 static line jumps to progress onto free fall, however her perseverance and dedication have since seen her complete over 6,000 jumps. In 1999 she gained selection for the British Women’s Formation Skydiving Team and has competed at numerous competitions all over the world resulting in 5 World Championship gold medals. She has since added to this success by winning gold at the 3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championships in December 2011 and then more recently gaining a bronze medal at the 1st World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Prague, a silver at the 2016 World Cup in Warsaw and silver at the 2017 World Championships in Canada. She is also a World Record Holder after she took part in the largest female formation consisting of 181 skydivers! Sparky is considered as one of the most successful competitors in the female category in the world and her achievements have earned her a number of Royal Aero Club Awards.

As well as being a keen competitor, Sparky is a Static line Parachute Jump and Accelerated Free Fall Instructor. If you happen to be booked onto a course which she is teaching, you may also get to hear the funny story that gave her the nickname Sparky!

Sparky also coaches beginner skydivers and up and coming formation skydiving teams both in the sky and at the 4 wind tunnels we now have in the UK. She herself has hundreds of hours experience in the wind tunnel and loves passing on the knowledge she has gained from the numerous hours she has trained in the tunnel. She has even earned the much coveted Blue Peter badge after she helped coach Blue Peter presenter Lindsey Russell in the wind tunnel during one of her challenges!

Sparky is well known within the skydiving community having jumped, instructed, coached or competed at most drop zones in the country, not to mention the numerous educational articles she has contributed to the British Skydiving Magazine which is circulated to the BS membership. She also took part in the first ever live advert put together by Honda in conjunction with Channel 4, which involved 16 skydivers spelling the word HONDA in the sky on live TV!

Sparky’s passion and dedication for the sport is reflected in this website and the service provided. Skydiving is an amazing sport and we at UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd want to ensure that your experience is a lasting memory.