Static Line Parachute Jumping

If Static Line Parachute jumping is on your to do list and you want the added satisfaction of doing it on your own, then after completing the RAPS (Ram Air Parachute System) course, you can be jumping solo from 3,500 feet using an advanced modern rectangular parachute. Your Static Line parachute is opened automatically as you exit the aircraft, but then it is up to you land it! No previous experience is necessary and it takes just 6 hours of parachute lessons to prepare you for your first solo static line parachute jump!

What to expect

The Training:

Training takes place normally on the Saturday (can vary from centre to centre) and takes a minimum of 6 hours and includes a variety of lessons, some of which are listed below: 

  • Familiarisation and Fitting of Parachute Equipment.
  • Aircraft Drills
  • How to leave the plane in a safe, stable body position.
  • Controlling and landing your canopy.
  • Learning how to identify malfunctions and operate your reserve parachute.

The training will involve a mixture of theory and practical lessons with a written exam at the end of the course. You will be drilled by your instructor until jumping from a perfectly good aeroplane feels like second nature!
Depending on the time of the year and weather permitting, you will either make your Static Line Parachute Jump on the same day, or the following day after some revision parachute lessons.  

The Parachute Jump!

You will board the plane with the rest of your fellow class mates under the supervision of your Static Line Instructor ready for the climb to altitude of between 3,200 – 3,500 feet. 

When it is safe to do so, one by one, you will be despatched from the aircraft by your instructor and your Static Line Parachute will open automatically as you leave the aircraft. 

It’s then up to you to navigate your canopy back to the landing area with the help of another instructor on the ground talking to you giving you some helpful pointers on your back up radio. 

The canopy ride is about 3 minutes, so plenty of time for you to take in the birds eye views as well as enjoy flying your canopy.

Once safely on the ground, you will receive a de-brief from your instructor before being presented your certificate for completing your Static Line Parachute Jump. 

Points to note:

This is a 1-2 day course depending on weather conditions and time of year, as well as the centre’s policy. 

Static Line Parachute Jumping whilst slightly more demanding than tandem skydiving, does give you an immense sense of personal achievement. 

Your experience doesn’t have to stop there. You can continue Static Line Parachute Jumping for as little as £35 - £40 per jump (jumps vary for each centre). 

You could be experiencing your first solo free fall skydive after completing just 5 Static Line Parachute Jumps and be well on your way to becoming a qualified skydiver! 

No previous parachuting or skydiving experience is required. 

The upper age limit is 54 and you can start as young as 16 years old! However please note, some centres apply their own local rules with regards to age. Please check the details for your chosen centre on the locations page.

You will be required to present a signed BS Medical Form prior to jumping i.e. Form 115C if you satisfy the requirements for self-declaration, or Form 115D if you need doctor's approval.

There is a maximum weight limit which varies  from centre to centre. Click here for a list of weight limits for each centre. Whilst you must be within the limit for your chosen centre, you also must not exceed the weight limit for your height as stated in the table on the BPA Form 115C. Please call us before booking if you are in any doubt.

Parachute jumping is a weather dependant sport and whilst the weather doesn’t affect the ground training, you and your supporters need to be prepared for some waiting around whilst you wait for the right conditions for your jump.

Not sure if the Static Line Parachute Jump is the right course for you? Check out our simple skydiving course comparison.

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