Sponsorship tips

Below are a few tips to help you reach and exceed your fundraising target!

Save some leg work! Set up a Bmycharity fundraising page and then email and Facebook all your friends, family and work colleagues the link to tell them about your jump and get them to pledge their support for you. Include a footnote in your email signature to inform everyone of your intended skydive for charity.

  • Try recruiting work colleagues to jump with you. It will not only be more fun going through the experience together as well as helping to raise more funds for your charity, but it could also help to generate some good PR for your company. Get a big enough group and your local newspapers will love to hear your story!
  • Belong to any sports clubs or other groups? Get them to sponsor you, and better still, try and recruit them to make a jump as well!
  • If raising money offline, give your sponsorship forms to your family and friends and see if they can help raise money on your behalf. Try leaving forms at reception or in the canteen / social areas at your work place as they are often the busiest areas!
  • Put up the poster we sent you in your local pub, shop, school and place of work along with a sponsorship form. The poster is eye catching and should attract potential sponsors to your sponsorship form!
  • Keep plenty of sponsorship forms on you at all times as you never know when you might bump into prospective sponsors.
  • If raising money offline, book the date of the jump before you start collecting. That way you will have a defined target to reach your sponsorship goal plus your supporters love to know when the event will take place.
  • Tell people your sponsorship target to help spur them on with their donations.
  • Read up on what the jump entails and keep a copy of the information pack with you. That way you can show your prospective sponsors and help them understand that skydiving is an extreme challenge, not for the faint hearted and therefore worthy of higher donations.
  • Go to your charity website and be familiar with the work they do and the support they need. This will help you to explain to your supporter how your sponsorship money will help.
  • If raising money offline, it is often a lengthy process collecting all your sponsorship money after the event. To save on time, why not ask your sponsors to give you cheques post dated after the event (maximum of 6 months).

Good luck and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!