Charity Skydive in aid of Young at Heart 

Young at Heart is a registered charity offering help and support to families of babies and children diagnosed with heart defects. All these children and their families have spent many weeks/months in hospital undergoing major heart surgery. Some children have had numerous operations throughout their short lives. Sadly, some do not survive and for others their only hope is a heart transplant. 
This small but effective Charity provides a critical support line and network supported with ward visits for parents during their time in hospital with their sick child. They work closely with the Heart Unit at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital but receive no funding from them. One of their aims is to bring the families together at social events and on outings, where they can meet with other families, share experiences and the children make new friends. The children love these social events, as they have been through a lot in their short lives and enjoy being with other children who also have `special hearts’. Young at Heart has also provided much needed anti coagulant machines to families up and down the country and has helped in other ways such as financial support for families on long term stay on the Heart Unit and even decorated children’s bedrooms at home to help with their recovery both physically and mentally.

The Charity is run by a team of volunteer Trustees who are parents of children with Cardiac disease. They constantly strive to continue providing support to their members. 

Charity registration number: 512815