Charity Skydive in aid of The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offer practical help for people without discrimination, sharing good news, seeking justice and reconciliation, caring for creation and nurturing disciples of Jesus. The services we offer are diverse and responsive to the realities of life in the communities we serve.

-    We help people affected by disasters or financial troubles
-    We help people who are experiencing homelessness or escaping violence
-    We help people trapped in addiction or battling mental illness
-    We help anyone feeling hopeless

The Salvation Army is committed to delivering innovative and progressive services that empower people beyond their circumstances.
Become a fearless fundraiser and have the biggest adrenaline rush you could ever imagine as you soar through the air knowing that you have raised invaluable funds to help fight for social justice!

Why Skydive for The Salvation Army?
You can choose one of two options to help our charity benefit from your fearless fundraising:

1.    Support modern slavery survivors

The specialist support programme run by The Salvation Army is designed to preserve the dignity of survivors, protect and care for them in safe accommodation. But a survivor of modern slavery not only needs immediate support but sustainable support. By raising £500 you could pay up to 10 specialist and life-changing counselling sessions to help and support the mental welfare of survivors. Find out more:

2.    Support your favourite local Salvation Army project to transform live in your community.

Find what projects are happening at your local area:

Join #TeamSallyArmy and skydive to make a difference!

To book a charity skydive in aid of The Salvation Army, go to our Booking Page.

Jump For Freedom!

The charity have re-launched their charity skydive programme giving you the chance to Jump for Freedom from around 10,000ft to support survivors of modern slavery through #TeamSallyArmy. Plus if you sign up in May using code SA15 at checkout you will get a £15 discount. There are 17 locations to choose from across the UK. Find out more and sign up now to do your bit -