Charity Tandem Skydive with The Racehorse Rescue Centre

A little bit about us

The Racehorse Rescue Centre is a registered charity No. 1150864 based in Carlisle, serving the whole UK and provide free information to help others internationally.
By rescuing ex racehorses we give them a secure safe environment and the opportunity to move onto new careers once they have finished racing, saving them from possible slaughter.

We are not just a Rescue Centre

We provide free programs to disadvantaged groups throughout the UK to help them develop their skills in the community such as injured soldiers, probation services, disabled, employment services, collages and therapy for people suffering from trauma. We are 100% volunteer run so any help goes direct to the horses and not on salaries.

The Racehorse Rescue Centre works with the community through its highly motivated volunteer team. Horses that come to the centre are given time to go back to their roots and allowed to socialise with the other horses to build up development and confidence. We retrain ex racehorses to their best ability and find new caring homes that will secure their future. Other horses that work well with our programs will stay at the centre to help educate the community in the importance of how equine therapy can help disadvantaged groups. We are a no kill shelter and have other older horses that are harder to re-home. These will stay with us if no homes can be found. The RRC do not sell horses on and keeps ownership for the rest of their lives.

The Racehorse Rescue Centre receives no funding from the racing authority, is 100% volunteer run and relies on donations from the caring public, companies and its trustees. Any funding is spent directly on the horses and to help secure their future. The trustees have been rescuing ex racehorses for the past 25 years and started the charity in 2010 to help create awareness of the problem and to get the community more involved. We believe it has a bright future ahead thanks to the hard work the volunteers put in and with the support of the community throughout the UK we hope to continue to grow.

Please help support us by joining us on and help spread the word.


Pictures of Iggy before and after the care she received from the charity.

To book your charity skydive and raise money for The Racehorse Rescue Centre, go to our booking page or phone us on 01869 278706.