Charity Tandem Skydive in aid of the Shaw Mind Foundation

The Shaw Mind Foundation is a leading UK charity, supporting children, adults and families for better mental health.

The Shaw Mind Foundation is an unprecedented breed of charity, with a direct and hands-on approach. The charity consists of highly accredited mental health experts, ex-sufferers of mental health, trustees and patrons who give their time and expertise, without remuneration alongside the charity's amazing team of nationwide volunteers.

The charity is absolutely devoted to supporting mental health sufferers and their families, and their meaningful philanthropic approach brings positive, lasting change to people’s lives. For this reason, you can take pleasure in knowing that every penny of your donation goes towards ensuring that people who need help the most, receive it.

The charity has one simple but powerful pledge: to fight and redress mental health injustices. They give support to children and adults – whether they are sufferers or the loved ones of sufferers – who feel that they have lost hope. The charity is resolute in ensuring that our children and the next generation will not be failed over mental health. Please support the work the charity do.

The Shaw Mind Foundation – Registered Charity No 1167947

To book your charity skydive and raise money for the Shaw Mind Foundation, go to our booking page or phone us on 01869 278706.