Charity Tandem Skydive with Rose Road

Over the past 55 years, the Rose Road Association has worked with many hundreds of young people from across Hampshire and the south of England. The young people who attend Rose Road have complex and multiple disabilities, requiring a range of specialist care and equipment. To meet rapidly increasing numbers, I have seen the services we provide at Rose Road expand incredibly quickly, ranging from our school through to respite care, fostering, a youth club and our interactive hydrotherapy pool where our children can even swim with dolphins!

The support we receive from the community, business and a number of volunteers is so important in helping us to ensure every young person is able to fulfill their potential in life. That is why in early 2008 we launched the Change My Life Appeal.

Change My Life Appeal

Through Change My Life, we aim to raise £2,000 for each of the 150 young people who currently attend Rose Road – that’s £300,000 in total, a real challenge! This would enable us to give our young people the opportunities they deserve, developing their key skills and having fun along the way!

Although we are able to offer a limited number of these opportunities, we want to do more. Every young person is very special and has their own unique challenges in life. The Change My Life Appeal gives you the opportunity to help these young people overcome their challenges and fulfill their potential.

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