Charity Tandem Skydive with Restless Beings

Why choose Restless Beings?

Their approach is to create campaigns using the most creative means possible; working closely with artists, models, actors, film makers and musicians. Not only does this keep them connected with fresh unsigned talent but it works in enabling them to reach out in the most creative appealing way possible. Art is accessible to everyone and open to individual interpretation which excites us when devising campaigns.

Restless Beings is not affiliated with any political organisation, they are an open organisation for open minded, out of the box thinking volunteers who are concerned with human rights issues and providing for the unfortunate; regardless of their age, background, creed or colour.

Restless Beings works on two key fronts; the prevention or relief of poverty through development over a sustained period of time and the active promotion of human rights and to raise awareness of human rights violations of silenced communities.

To date they have established our first project in Dhaka, Bangladesh working with street children to provide, education, nutrition, accommodation, medical aid, vocational support and psychological counselling.

They have recently launched our second project which will look at Human Rights violations on three fronts: the Rohingya community on the Bangladesh Burma border face as well as the Uighur community on the China Kyrgyzstan border, and finally the Roma diaspora in Europe.

Restless Beings is a UK Registered Charity (1135134)