Charity Tandem Skydive with Living Paintings

Living Paintings offer a free library of unique touch and sound books and resources to help blind and partially sighted children and adults ‘feel’ visual images. Living Paintings make special versions of pictures with raised surfaces that come to life when fingers feel them. The accompanying sound recordings direct the fingers, telling the stories of the pictures and describing their features. In this way, the senses of touch and hearing combine to make up for the missing sense of sight. They also include colour versions, so sighted friends and family can share the exploration of the pictures, enriching everyone’s experience.

Different people have different tastes and Living Paintings work hard to meet all their needs. For children, there is an extensive range of books, illustrated story packs and national curriculum based topical packs. New packs are being developed for teenagers and young people based on topics such as Fashion, Football, Performing Arts, Cookery and Healthy Eating. For adults they present albums on subjects such as ‘The History of English Garden Design’, ‘Paintings from the National Gallery’ and ‘British Wildlife’. By putting visually impaired people in touch with the sighted world, this helps end isolation and foster inclusion.

Each member receives as many ‘touch and sound’ books and packs as they wish from their extensive, growing postal library. These ‘touch and sound’ resources are provided completely free of charge from Living Paintings’ postal library so all visually impaired people, no matter where they live or their financial circumstances, can borrow them and gain a feel for the visual world.

Thanks to the help of their 220 dedicated volunteers, Living Paintings’ service now benefits over 8,700 people throughout Britain and Ireland, 4,143 of them children and lend to over 500 schools.

The Living Paintings Trust Registered Voluntary Charity No: 1049103