Charity Tandem Skydive with Jo's Trust

Each year in the UK 3,000 women are newly diagnosed with cervical cancer with 1,000 lives lost. Jo’s Trust is the UK’s only dedicated cervical cancer charity supporting those affected by precancer and cancer of the cervix. The impact of cervical cancer on a woman's life and that of her family cannot be overstated. Jo's Trust is here to help.

What does Jo’s Trust offer?

About Cervical Cancer: A portal for information about pre-cancer and cervical cancer, written, frequently reviewed and updated by medical professionals.

‘Let’s Meet ’: An open forum where women ‘meet’ share experiences, network and support others facing similar challenges.

Confidential Medical Advice: An online service where individuals can send a question to our panel of medical experts

Campaigns: We campaign to influence UK Governments to implement new and improved preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for cervical cancer

Awareness and education: We work to increase public understanding on key areas relating to cervical cancer

Increasing our reach: We are looking to develop new services so we can reach and support more women including: a dedicated helpline and local support groups

In what is our 10th Anniversary your support of Jo’s Trust by raising funds through a sky dive really will make a difference.

For more information about Jo’s Trust go to

Registered charity 1076289