Charity Skydive in aid of Follicular Lymphoma Foundation

The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation is the first charity to focus solely on helping people with follicular lymphoma (FL) to live well and get well.
FL is currently an incurable blood cancer. It affects thousands of people but the chances are, unless you have or know someone with it, you have never heard of it. 

FL is different from many cancers. For most people it is a chronic disease marked by multiple periods of relapse and remissions. These, as well as a whole host of life changing physical and emotional challenges are all part of living with a cancer without a cure. 

Around a fifth of people with FL will develop transformed or an acute form of the disease which can be highly resistant to treatment and have a poor prognosis.

The Foundation is dedicated to improving lives for the thousands living with FL today and for everyone who is diagnosed tomorrow.

To book a charity skydive in aid of Follicular Lymphoma Foundation, go to our Booking Page.