Charity Tandem Skydive with Different Strokes

Stroke is the single largest cause of disability amongst adults in the UK. Each year around 157,000 people have a stroke and 25% of those are of working age or younger. Stroke is especially devastating for younger people: one day fit and well, the next moment disabled; often with a young family to care for and support; and relying on employment for income rather than a pension. They must come to terms with physical and emotional changes as well as significant lifestyle adjustments – mobility, job, income, dependence, relationships – everything changes. As services are generally designed for the majority of older stroke survivors, younger stroke survivors are the most disadvantaged within the stroke survivor community. They need immediate, relevant and practical information and advice, and specialised rehabilitation services to enable them to take control of their lives, optimise their recovery, regain as much independence as possible and play their full role in their communities with high self-esteem.

Different Strokes is the only national organisation providing services designed especially for younger stroke survivors, including children.

Different Strokes enables younger stroke survivors rebuild their lives by providing:-
The StrokeLine staffed by younger stroke survivors
Access to exercise sessions, physiotherapy, gyms and swimming
A survivor’s Information Pack full of practical, relevant facts
The Newsletter giving the latest information on prevention and treatment Influence on government, health care professionals and employers
Access to counselling services
An interactive website
Research into the social and economic effects of stroke
Specialist advice on education, training and jobs
Different Strokes will spend nearly £250,000 nationally this year but receives no money from the government or NHS. Your support is vital to enable younger stroke survivors rebuild their lives.
Charity Registration No 1092168 (England and Wales)

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