Charity Tandem Skydive in aid of Console

Console is a national charity providing a comprehensive range of supports, services and resources for anyone affected by suicide, at risk of suicide, or supporting others around them.  To lose someone close to us is one of the most difficult life experiences we ever have to face. When the death is through suicide, family and friends must cope with the sadness of their loss plus all their additional, heightened feelings like confusion, questioning of self, anger, and coming to terms with the element of choice. Loss takes time to cope with and we all respond differently. Family and close friends are often left with the same inner turmoil and try to understand it in their own way. People will respond to the impact of the death individually and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.  The charity seek to respond to the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of their clients.  Their mission is to provide therapeutic counseling and support along with helpline services to the people in suicidal crisis and those bereaved trough suicide

To book your charity skydive and raise money for Console, go to our booking page or phone us on 01869 278706.