Charity Tandem Skydive with Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories was born 10 years ago by a remarkable woman named Suzette Bradnam. It was following the diagnosis of her father’s cancer that Suzette organised ‘once in a lifetime’ trips on Concorde and to Brands Hatch, (motor sport being a favourite of her father).

Suzette’s experience was precious and valuable and she realised how other families could benefit where a loved one’s life was limited. Suzette set her mind on organising trips for families who have children with life threatening illnesses or who are terminally ill. She single-handedly funded, attended and videoed the experience and promptly provided a video or a DVD for the family to enjoy time and time again.
As word spread about the Cherished Memories cause, volunteers came forward and Suzette came into contact with the local children’s hospices.

In 2003, the Cherished Memories Support Group was formed and became a registered charity. This status has heightened the cause of Cherished Memories and helped pave the way for more secure funding and support to help reach more families and host more events.

Cherished Memories do not receive any statutory income and rely on public generosity to survive.