Charity Tandem Skydive with Cavendish Cancer Care


Cavendish Cancer Care believes that people affected by cancer have individual needs that cannot always be fully addressed by their health care providers and social support networks. They offer a place for people to go to talk, and someone to help them deal with the way cancer has affected them and their life. They are an independent charity established over 15 years ago giving free emotional support to people and their families affected by cancer in Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Their Mission is ..

To help local people in Yorkshire and Derbyshire adjust to, cope To help local people in Yorkshire and Derbyshire adjust to, cope with and ease the impact of living with cancer. They aim to improve the quality of local people's lives and enrich the emotional wellbeing of people touched by cancer in their region.

Their Values

  • They offer free support to help people cope and adjust to living with cancer in Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
  • Their trained professionals will work closely with people to give them individually tailored support at critical times.
  • They work with people to help them find ways to adjust, cope and improve the quality of their life.
  • They offer a free service to everyone and never turn anyone away.
  • They are open to anyone, whether they are diagnosed with cancer, a family member, friend or carer.
  • Everyone who approaches them will be offered an appointment within 5 days.
  • They work closely with the NHS, Hospices and Primary Care to ensure the highest quality of care for people affected by cancer.
  • They aim to help people feel more in control, restore their confidence and their ability to cope with life.
  • They aim to broaden their services to reach new clients in new areas.