Charity Skydive in aid of CHESS Homeless

Everyone’s story for becoming homeless is very different and there are many contributing factors as to why this may happen.
Through our dedicated staff, volunteers and trustees CHESS offers a step by step provision that helps people regain control of their lives and where possible moves people on to more independent living.

The Step By Step Process

Outreach Team – Rough Sleeper Initiative
CHESS operates a Rough Sleeper Initiative year-round through the Outreach Team. This team will go out to anyone who has been reported as sleeping rough in the areas of Chelmsford, Maldon, Braintree and Epping, through StreetLink []. 

Not all rough sleepers are aware that advice and support is available to them. For those people who are sleeping rough CHESS can support by providing food & drinks, hygiene and laundry facilities, sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries. We also have 2 dedicated emergency rooms for the purpose of providing a warm bed, meal and shower facilities.

Winter Project
During the winter months, for those we cannot accommodate at the Night Shelter we provide a bed facility for up to 10 rough sleepers in a local church facility. During severe weather situations we can temporarily increase this capacity to 14 beds.

Night Shelter at The Hub
The first step to independence is to access the Night Shelter. Here we can support 9 single homeless adults, providing them with a roof over their head, healthy meals, hygiene facilities as well as 1-1 support, training and counselling services.

The Annex
Moving on from the Night Shelter is our Annex which is close by and easily accessible by our staff. This is where individuals receive their first key to becoming independent. They are starting to engage in the CHESS programme working together with their support worker and if needed are sign posted to external agencies.

Move on Houses
From the Annex are our shared move on properties.  This accommodation is when service users are fully engaged, more settled and beginning to turn their life around, either actively seeking employment or working.

CHESS can accommodate up to 32 individuals at any one time and have a regular waiting list of people wanting to access our services.
After engaging with CHESS and its sign posting agencies, service users will face the real possibility of moving into their own accommodation. We work with social housing organisations, private landlords and supported housing providers to find the most suitable accommodation.

CHESS are creating opportunities to advance the skills base of our service users through further education, with a view to securing future employment. Recognised certificated training courses are available in the following:
•    Site Safety
•    Manual Handling
•    Fire Marshalling
•    First Aid

To book a charity skydive in aid of CHESS Homeless, go to our Booking Page.