Information Downloads

Skydiving Course Information Packs:
Below are a series of information packs which provide more details on each of the skydiving experiences we offer. They include a list of locations, prices, fundraising targets (if jumping for charity), weight limits and what to expect. If you have problems printing any of these packs, please email us your address to and we will post a pack to you.

Weight Restrictions: 

This page gives details of the weight limits for each course at each centre. They do vary, so please check the weight limits at your chosen centre before booking your course. You can also download our Weight Limits Document.

Charity Fundraising Packs: 

Below is a list of information packs specific to the charities we work with. We do also work with a number of charities who are not listed here. Check out our Charity Page to see a more extensive list or email us at if you have an alternative charity you wish to support.

Click here to download our Fundraising Targets Document.

British Parachute Association Forms:

All skydivers will be required to complete the BPA Medical Form appropriate to the course they are attending.

Tandem jumpers should read the BPA Form 115a (Student Tandem Parachutist Medical Information & Declaration) as soon as possible. If having read all of the questions, you are unable to declare yourself as being fit to jump and therefore unable to sign this form, you will then need to take BPA Form 115b (Student Tandem Medical Advice Form) to your doctor to be signed and bring this form along with you on the day of your jump.

Solo Jumpers (Static Line and AFF) will be required to sign Solo Student Declaration of Fitness Form 114a prior to jumping, and if suffering from one of the listed conditions or if aged 40 years or over, you will need to get a signature from your doctor.

If under the age of 18 years, the witness must be your parent or guardian. 

On receipt of booking, we will send you the forms and documents relevant to the type of skydiving course you have booked, however it is suggested that you read the BPA Medical Form appropriate to the course you wish to attend before you complete the booking form . You can download the relevant form for your course from the links below. If you have problems printing any of these forms, please email us your address to and we will post the form to you. 

Booking Forms:

The easiest way to book is by going to our Booking Page or by calling us on 01869 278706. However if you wish to book your skydive course or indoor skydiving experience offline, you may download the booking forms below and either send to us (see address on  contact us page) ensuring that you mark the envelope with the words “Booking Form” or fax to us on 0845 862 0859.